TWI Hand Hygiene Training: Important Steps To Help Prevent The Spread Of The COVID-19 Virus

It is now a well known fact that incomplete handwashing puts many people at higher risk of infections, including COVID-19. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation now proliferating on proper hand hygiene. So, while singing Happy Birthday twice may be easy to remember, it does not deliver adequate protection from the spread of COVID-19.

Learn the clinically sanctioned method of handwashing to better protect yourself and others. Please take a few moments to watch the video below and then share it with others. We’ve also included an instructional flyer and a pocket-size reminder card on how to protect against infections in ways that may not ordinarily come to mind.

Over many years, TWI has proven itself to be a teaching and learning method that yields extraordinary results in healthcare, manufacturing and services businesses. The TWI Institute recognized its approach to teaching TWI could help individuals and families be safer every day in the face of threats from infections. Used by leading hospitals, TWI Institute’s teachings on proper handwashing are now available to the general public in both video and print.

Handwashing Instructional Video

In this detailed step-by-step video, TWI Master Trainer Patrick Graupp shares the important steps of proper handwashing to prevent infection. Patrick not only details the “what” and “how” of proper hand hygiene but the “why” it is effective.

Handwashing & Infection Protection Flyer

A step-by-step instructional flyer available here for download and print, the TWI Institute encourages you to post at home or the office to share proper handwashing steps and infection protection measures with your family and co-workers.


Handwashing & Infection Protection Pocket Reminder Card

A convenient pocket-size reminder card available for download and print, the TWI Institute encourages you to carry this as a simple hand hygiene and infection protection reminder as well as to share with family, friends and colleagues.


About the TWI Institute

Hospitals and medical facilities have relied on the TWI Institute to teach frontline staff on care methods, such as handwashing and intravenous administration, that reduce infections and other related patient care risks. TWI, the method that TWI Institute uses, is more memorable and more effective because it focuses not only on “what” someone should do and “how”, but also on the importance of “why” they should do it. The “why” is often missing in other training or instructional plans.

A special thank you to our physician colleagues, Dr. Chris Bernheisel and Dr. Louis E. Flaspohler, two highly-respected Cincinnati physicians for their guidance and collaboration on this initiative.

TWI methods have existed for over 50 years and were born out of necessity in WWII to rapidly train unskilled workers entering the war production workforce as many skilled laborers went off to war. Shared with Japan during post-war rebuilding, Toyota adopted in 1953 TWI as a foundation for its production system of today. TWI Institute started in 2001 and is responsible for the rebirth of TWI as a solution for many critical teaching and learning issues in healthcare, manufacturing, services and government.